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Cramped kitchens can be troubling. Not only will you find it difficult to work in a crowded kitchen, but it will also reduce the overall appeal of your home. If you are facing these difficulties, then perhaps it is time to consider a kitchen extension. Our expert extension team can help you with all aspects of your kitchen extensions East London.

Best Time for Kitchen Extensions

 Pertinent to mention that when we talk about kitchen extension, you need extra space, which can only come through a house extension. We always recommend carrying out house extensions and kitchen extensions at the same time. This saves time as well as cost. Moreover, your house extension can be carried out in a way that supports your kitchen extension, and you can make all the changes you want before time. Carrying out these two simultaneously will also reduce the hassle; you will only have to communicate with one company instead of hiring two different ones.


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Compliance With Building Regulations

Kitchen extensions East London should be carried out by a reliable company which is willing to assume all responsibilities, including compliance with building regulations and approval from planning permission (if applicable). Our expert architects will prepare all technical drawings and submit them to the concerned departments. Building regulations are extensive and cover several aspects, including construction, plumbing, fire safety, and installation of other utilities. Our team will remain in constant communication with the building regulations department to ensure compliance at all times culminating in the receipt of the completion certificate.

We Will Help You Choose the Best Extension

You have several options to choose from when it comes to house extensions. Usually, rear extensions, wrap-around, or single-storey kitchen extensions in East London can easily accommodate a larger kitchen space or a new/additional kitchen. Our structural engineers will provide you with the required consultation while considering your requirements and your budget.

Skilled Craftsmanship

Installation of extension of kitchens requires advanced skills and quality workmanship. Whether you want a contemporary kitchen, a modern one, or a smart one, the entire construction team, from the architects to tilers, should follow the best standards to ensure the perfect installation. Our team includes highly skilled electricians, plumbers, tilers, and fitters. They are led by a manager specially designated to act as a liaison between them and you so that you don’t have to issue instructions to every individual.

Top-quality Supplies

We will procure and provide all the necessary raw materials and supplies required for your kitchen extension. Construction material, tiles, piping, boilers, electrical supplies such as wiring and lights, to kitchen appliances such as ovens and hobs, we can procure everything from the top brands across the UK. From supplying equipment for modern kitchen extensions in East London or contemporary designs, we are the best choice for carrying out extensions.

We Follow a Highly Effective Process

Starting from providing you with a consultation to finishing your kitchen, we follow a series of steps to ensure that your kitchen extension is always on track.

  • Consultation: Our extension team will provide you with a free consultation regarding your options for house extensions.
  • Exchanging Ideas: You can share your ideas for a new kitchen or extension with our team. They will provide you with the best possible advice.
  • Estimation: Based on your requirements, we will provide you with a cost estimation for your kitchen extension. We have highly competitive rates that will keep your kitchen extensions cost in East London affordable.
  • Regulatory Approvals: If applicable, our team will submit the plan for planning permission approval. As building regulations apply to all types of extensions, the plan will be submitted to the building regulations department as well.
  • Construction: The construction of your house/kitchen extension begins. This is an extensive process and depends on the scale of extension. It includes foundation building, infrastructure, utility installation, and finishing.

Check out our website for our completed projects. You will find pictures and customer reviews.

  • Comprehensive services from planning to finishing.
  • Accredited and qualified personnel.
  • Personal project manager for monitoring your extension.
  • Top quality kitchen supplies with warranties.
  • Best turnaround time.
  • Responsibility for planning permission and building regulations approval.
  • Highly competitive pricing.

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