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Home renovation is a major project. Although the scale of renovation may vary depending on your requirements and your budget, it requires a serious level of commitment. Advanced skills and craftsmanship are required to carry out an effective and aesthetic home renovation. This is why it is imperative to hire home renovation contractors who can provide you with reliable services. Your home consists of several rooms, with some of them being unique. Kitchens and bathrooms are unique in the sense that they need several utilities such as plumbing, electrical works, heating, etc. The extensive nature of a complete renovation project, therefore, demands a highly comprehensive service provider so that you do not have to deal with so many aspects yourself. This is where we come in. Armed with years of experience and a highly competent team, we are one of the top home renovation contractors offering you complete as well as partial renovation.


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What is Included in House Refurbishment?

Depending on the size of the project, home renovation may include all or some of the following

  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Renovation of bathrooms
  • Renovation of master bedrooms and children’s bedroom
  • Plastering/reconstruction/repair of walls
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Floor repair/replacement
  • Roofing repairs/replacement
  • Re-installation/replacement of utilities

Rejuvenate Your Kitchen with Our Refurbishment Services

Kitchens have so many different installations such as hobs, ovens, microwaves, etc. They need numerous utilities such as the supply of electricity, gas, and water. Effective plumbing is another essential requirement. Kitchens need tiles, countertops, splashbacks, and other things which can add aesthetic value. You may need kitchen renovation because your existing kitchen requires too many repairs, or it is old-fashioned, and you want a more modern look, or you want to give your kitchen a facelift to fetch higher estate value. Regardless of the reason, our home renovation contractors will provide you with the most reliable services and top-quality supplies.

Dream Bedrooms for You and Your Children

Your bedroom is your refuge after a long and tiring day. It is where you seek comfort and relaxation. However, if you have paint falling from your walls and broken floor tiles or a crowded bedroom, you might not be able to get any comfort from your bedroom. Our home renovators, which comprise various tradesmen, including architects and interior designers, can prepare the perfect renovation plan for your bedrooms or that of your children.

Make Your House Look Exotic

Bathrooms can change the way your home looks and feel. A beautifully built bathroom with nice tiles and modern sanitary wares will create an incredible ambience for occupants and visitors. Bathroom renovation may include removal of existing tiles, retiling, replacement of bathroom fixtures, bathtub, basin, etc. You can go for a classic look or a modern one. We are your local home renovation contractors providing you with the best bathroom renovation services from repair of utilities to finishing.

Exterior Refurbishment

Your home’s exterior contributes significantly to its real estate value as well as to its overall feel. Exterior renovation may include repair or replacement of roofing, waterproofing, guttering, chimney repair/replacement, repair/plastering of exterior walls, and repainting. Many things in your home’s exterior play a vital part in securing your infrastructure by ensuring proper drainage of rainwater and protection from the weather. Our home renovation services also cover exterior repairs and renovation. Contact us for complete or partial exterior renovation at highly competitive rates.

With Us, You Do Not Have to Worry About Regulations

Home renovations will seldom require any approval from planning permission, but they may require building approval. We are not an ordinary home renovation company. We make sure that our clients do not have to go through the hassle and stress of applying for approvals and ensuring compliance. Our experienced team is fully aware of these regulations and will make sure that you receive your completion certificate from the concerned council.

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To get an idea of our service quality and catch a glimpse of our work, check out our gallery, which is available on our website. From pictures of kitchen renovations to bedrooms, you will find plenty to make up your mind.

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