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Whether you want rear kitchen extension, wrap extension or any other kind of house extension services, our house extension skilled team will do it all for you. We are the house extension experts you need if value, ethics, and skill are your top priorities. We promise to make your vision a reality, whether it be a house extension, painting, or decorating services.

As house extensions East London experts, extensions and other types of home modification have become our speciality. We enjoy demonstrating how a simple house can be improved, not just in terms of appearance but also in terms of serving clients’ needs. We take extra care and attention to minor details in every aspect of our construction work.

Types of House Extension Services

You require extra room yet are unwilling to move. House extension is the solution to your problem. It’s always a good idea to bear in mind what can fit your budget, home design, and, most importantly, your lifestyle while looking for innovative extension ideas. Our house extensions East London crew have mastered the skill of following services.


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Giving Your Home an Elegant Makeover by Rear Extensions

As the name suggests, a rear extension is built at the back of your home and extends into the existing patio or garden. Our building extensions East London experts are proficient in expanding open place living areas by combining indoor and outdoor space. If you’ve been following the newest design and architectural trends for a while or are a die-hard architecture enthusiast, you already know how common rear extensions are. 

Making the Most Out of Your Space by Side Extensions

Do you have a path or alley running along your home? Many old houses do, but they usually use it for house trash and garden debris. Our home extension builders in East London effectively utilise your space for house extensions. Additionally, you can construct an extension by using the underutilised area at the back of your home.

Beautiful Double-storey Extensions

A two-story addition is a great opportunity to expand your home’s square footage, increase its value, and remodel it to better meet your family’s needs. Given the rise in multigenerational housing, it might be a place for elderly parents or kids returning from college. Our house extension specialists in East London increases the value of your house. Our skilled crew ensures minimal disruption to your daily lives so that you do not need to live elsewhere during construction.

Building Smart by Wrap Extension

Many people choose a side or back extension when extending their homes, but combining the two concepts is possible to create a wraparound expansion. It might be tricky sometimes, but our home extension builders in East London have successfully completed a large chunk of wrap extension projects. Wrap extensions usually stretch to the side and back of your home, allowing you to make the most of your space and reinvent your house. If you want to add on a kitchen or living area in your existing house, our house extensions in East London specialists have declared it the best kind of house extension to install.

Adding Value to Your Property by Dormer Loft Conversions

Many people want to shift to bigger homes but do not want to sell their existing property at a lower price. For all those, any kind of home extensions East London are the best options.

Process of House Extension

As soon as you contact us about house extension services, we will respond right away. Our house extension specialists will use the latest software, cutting-edge camera technology, video conferencing, and critical approach for house extension drawings in East London. After finalising the draft plan for the home extensions East London, our skilled crew will proceed further with the construction work. 

"Ready to Transform Your Space? Let's Get Started Today!"

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